All products of Wanwaan contain
natural ingredients with pure essential oils.
bring fully benefits to our customers.

Dermatologically tested
No artificial colour
Paraben free
Mineral oil free


Wan Waan in Thai refers to the days that have long passed for every individual that are nonetheless remembered through memories and stories. Such moments are recalled through various stimuli that lead an individual to take a trip back down memory lane. These memories are triggered by various stimuli, anything from looking at an old photograph, the feeling of one’s surroundings, hearing a song to smelling a familiar scent. Such stimuli help us return back to those days now passed.

Wan Waan stresses the importance of the stories behind a scent. Even though a scent doesn’t have a shape or a color and even though it cannot be touched, we acknowledge they still have a direct effect upon our emotions, feelings and the recalling of our memories.

A scent can influence the mood of the smeller. Compounds within any scent can change the mood of the smeller. For instance, a pleasant scents can evoke a positive mood within a person.

A scent can conjure up feelings within us. For instance, some scents make us feel as if we are deep within a forest; some scents make us feel peaceful or as if we have reached something new and some scents even make us feel as if we are by the beach.

Smells can remind us of memories now passed and old stories. For instance, the smell of our parent’s clothes when we were young; the smell of our old house; the smell of a loved one we lived with; the smell of the flowers of the house we were born in; the smell of the flowers on a first date or the smell of the roses on our wedding day. Thus, the origins of our brand.

The company has gathered and selected smells that have already won the hearts of many through its selection of Pure Essential Oil that have been extracted naturally, building the highest value for consumers. We have selected unique and natural scents with the selected product components developed by our team of leading pharmaceutical experts. Consumers can rest assured that they will get full use of our high-quality formula which is gentle on sensitive or allergy prone skin and can be used on all skin types.